Arts Unfold offers in-studio and live video mentorship to international artists of all career levels and media. Mentorship is offered locally or abroad, either as 1) individual mentorship sessions that guide artists in the development of artworks and their overall practice, or through 2) Arts Unfold’s one-month independent residency, hosting a group of artists. People who want to start an arts practice for the first time are encouraged to apply.

Mentor, Teresa Ascencao, is a mid-career Artist and Educator with over fifteen years in mentorship and teaching. Through careful listening, focused questions, and observation of artists’ creative processes, artists are guided in their research and creation. The core of Teresa’s experience in mentoring artists comes from several years offering critiques to artists of various media at Arts Unfold residencies. She is currently a mentor at tdsbCREATES, and last year through Canada Council’s Professional Development for Artists. As a multi-media artist who employs concept-related mediums, Teresa intimately understands a multitude of media, including photo, video, audio, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and performance arts.

Mentorship Sessions can include any number of individual 40-minute sessions. Mentorship involves the following three phases, which are founded in the principal of constructive feedback within an accepting environment. Sessions start with what is working and evolve to suggestions for refinement.

Artist shows/presents their artworks and ideas, with listening and questions from Mentor regarding artist’s intent as expressed through their media. 

Dynamic discussion probing into the artworks’ expressions in context of Artist’s intent and media.

Mentor offers guidance regarding research, process, media, and refinement and/or presentation. 

Independent Residency is limited to six artists and takes place over a month in the artists’ studios (in person or live video). The residency starts with short introductory talks by the artists. Artists receive an individual mentorship session each week (same as “Mentorship Sessions” above). There are two group critiques towards the end of the residency. The residency includes social media posts of artists works in progress, and an online exhibition of works at the end of the residency.  

To arrange a free consultation, to discuss a possible memebership, please: 1) email Teresa Ascencao at; 2) write “Mentorship / Your_Name” in the subject line; 3) write a couple of sentences explaining your interest in mentorship; 4) add a link to your portfolio; 5) attach your CV; and 6) suggest a few times you are available for a meeting.

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