The following are art and design projects produced by Arts Unfold.

Art residencies include: Luminous Bodies, on representing the body in most inclusive and diverse ways (runs bi-annually); Once Upon Water, which explores the material and magical notions of water (run bi-annually); and Naked State, on expanding what the nude human body means in context of nature, culture and art (2016-2018). 

Citizens’ Vision Statement for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront is a co-created document with 80 citizens to help guide the City on proposed expansion of Toronto’s island airport. The design process involved facilitating an oral/text/image workshop, whereby issues surrounding air, noise and water with respect to human, environmental and wildlife health were solicited, voted and collated on by community members. (October 30, 2013)

Meditations on Diversity is a series of studio photography workshops that explore the roles of culture, gender, photographer, and the model in the social perceptions of nude poses. (December 2014 to 2017)


Mountain; Mirateca International Photography Contest jury was facilitated by Art Director of Arts Unfold. Finalists took part in an exhibition on the island of Pico, Azores. (December, 2014)



Little Norway Park Pollinating Picnic is one of David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park projects that took place in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood. The neighbourhood shares its setting with a mid-sized airport that increasingly impacts the quality of community experience and open spaces. As a way to bring residents together into the outdoors, non-GMO corn was served, there was an air-purifying plants demo and give-away, and a demonstration of how to make photographs from plant juices such as spinach and beetroot. (September, 2015)

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